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devlinunderworldwarrior asked: ll au: There was a question he wanted to ask for a while now, or rather a series of questions, but he did not want her to get the wrong idea or think it's him kicking her out. "Lask, I know you're staying here temporarily, but there is no paperwork and I don't have any sort of identification of who you are. Your only referral is that you work for me. I mean, I don't even know your last name or where you're from. How do I know you won't just run off?"



Alaska pursed her lips. She didn’t have any of those things because she didn’t exist, and she couldn’t explain to Devlin who she was without him kicking her out. “Because I don’t have anywhere else to go,” Alaska told him. She looked up at Devlin, wondering if he would press her further.

She couldn’t answer his questions without telling Devlin what she was. A monster, a killer, a cruel and heartless menace. The siren shook her head and sighed. “I ran away from my family. They’re not nice people. I can’t go back to them, Dev. If you don’t want me here, that’s okay. I’ll…go away. But I’m not going back to them. I’m not bad.” She stared at him, waiting to see what Devlin would do. No one was going to force her decisions anymore, even him.

His voice was calmer now, one he’d use on Levina when she’d cry about being placed behind everyone else in her dance recital. “No Lask, I don’t think you’re bad. I just didn’t know you ran away from your family.” That’s probably why she never said her last name, because she didn’t want to be associated with them. He now had a dilemma. The right course of actions were to return her to her family, but she looked frightened when mentioning them and he did not want her to return to something that tormented her so. His more selfish reason was that he did not want to lose her. “Very well then,” was all he could say. He needed a reason to trust her.

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greeneyedband asked: "As a present... I'm not going to stare daggers at you no matter what you say for a month... I mean, I'm pretty useless at presents anyway, so..." He says, clearing his throat softly and then grinning childishly before looking down at his feet. "Probably starting now."



"Seriously? That’s the best you can do? I don’t even know why you hate me so much, I mean what did I even do to you?"

He frowned at the other’s almost analogy, looking around himself for a second, taken aback by the food group comment, and even then, he muttered under his breathe “Five main food groups…?” Before shaking his head and looking up at his brother. “I don’t beat myself up… I can do that. I just don’t.” He says with a sigh, and then looking down at his feet, licking his lips again, shifting from foot to foot. “One never summons without a devils trap right under.”

"I think you’re misinterpreting what I said. Beating yourself up means that you emotionally punish yourself and think you’re worst enemy. It doesn’t mean you’re physically beating yourself up." Sometimes he felt as though they were from two different millenniums and had difficulty understanding each other’s peaking patterns.  Now he was the one having difficulty understanding. "Explain the devil’s trap?"

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Cerberus playing cards.

Cerberus playing cards.

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Memories do not always soften with time; some grow edges like knives."
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Phoebe Tonkin + Brant Daugherty requested by anon

Phoebe Tonkin + Brant Daugherty requested by anon

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